Three tropical fruits on Datassential list of flavors to watch in 2019

By Ashley Nickle


Datassential features mangosteen, yuzu and mamey sapote in its report on flavors to watch for 2019.


The mention of yuzu comes in the context of yuzu kosho, a Japanesse condiment. Datassential notes yuzu kosho is traditionally used in hot pot stews and miso soups but suggests also including the condiment on sushi or meats or mixing it into salad dressings or other comments.


Datassential also named mangosteen an up-and-coming flavor but explained that the fruit is a bit of a fickle one.


“They don’t like to grow out of their preferred tropical zones, they’re unpredictable even when they do, and they start spoiling immediately after they’re harvested, not to mention the fact that they were banned from importation into the U.S. until a decade ago,” Datassential wrote in its report. “But now that the ban has been lifted and farmers have started to cultivate them in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, they are starting to show up on a small number of U.S. menus, mainly in juices and smoothies.”


Another tropical fruit the company mentioned as one to watch was mamey sapote, which Datassential describes as a unique flavor that is difficult to describe.


“Mamey is common in Cuba and Miami, where it can be found in milkshakes (batidos), ice cream, paletas, preserves, baked goods and even wine,” Datassential wrote. “Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill, with locations in Miami, Las Vegas, and Brooklyn, has featured a Sapote Smash cocktail on the menu, starring bourbon, mamey, lemon juice and Aperol.”