What's Hot on C-store Menus?

By Datassential


Whether for Breakfast, as a dessert, or as a snack, ampm’s Cinnabon Streusel Muffin has all the ingredients for a successful, crave-worthy limited-time offer (LTO). The cinnamon muffin is streusel-topped and filled with cream cheese.


In Datassential’s SCORES survey, the item shows very strong purchase interest, outperforming 91 percent of all other items and 96 percent of other breakfast pastries. And it has very high purchase intent ratings for both branded and unbranded, meaning it would do well anywhere.Operator: ampm



Item Type: Limited-Time Offer

Date: November 2018

Price: $1.99

Give your taste buds the breakfast they've been dreaming about: a sweet and fluffy Cinnabon muffin. Don't sleep in too late, this streusel topped, cream cheese-filled treat is only available for a limited time.


Will Drive Visitation – Frequently


Scoring in the 95th percentile for Draw, consumers are attracted to ampm just to get this product. With its high score for Frequency, consumers will come back for more of these muffins. Its price of just $1.99 is seen as an exceptional value, too


A One-of-a-Kind LTO

While the Cinnabon name and its signature cinnamon rolls are familiar, this particular item stands out as a unique treat because it is a Cinnabon in the form of a muffin and containing a cream cheese filling. The item surpasses 92 percent of all other items for Uniqueness. When creating a LTO, see where you can take familiar items and put a different twist on them. For example, what kinds of fillings can you add to a muffin, doughnut or other baked good?


Know Your Target

This menu item appeals much more to women than men.